Early last week, we released Tag Admin extension for Visual Studio 2015 to Visual Studio Gallery. The extension was well received by the community and we were helped with good number of downloads due to mention by blog posts by many community leaders. I have listed few mentions below.

Some of the mentions

It’s a pretty nice tool for helping you manage work item tags for either your Team Foundation Server or your Visual Studio Online account - Ed Blankenship, Product Manager at Microsoft for Visual Studio Online - link

Adding tag management features to VS would be fairly far down the backlog for MS, but luckily a community project has just shipped its first release of a plugin for VS that allows management of tags if you are working with TFS or VSO - David Starr - Senior Program Manager in the ALM Tools team at Microsoft - link

Cool extension to manage work item tags - El Bruno - Microsoft MVP - link

We are very happy and feel motivated to receive such immense positive feedback. At the same time, there was a good amount of demand to support this extension for VS 2013. Although it was in our backlog along with other features we have for this extension, we had to pick it up quickly due to numerous emails we received.

After spending few additional hours during this year-end holiday, we have managed to support Visual Studio 2013 and is now available for download in VS Gallery.

So please download it and let us know if you have any feedback. And thanks again for the support. Also, if you like this extension, please do not forget to spread the word about it by tweeting or blogging about it.

Happy new year everyone!!

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