This has been my dream from couple of years now and it happened finally!

I received a mail 2 days back from Microsoft announcing that I have been awarded as MVP for my contributions to ALM and Developer Technologies. Below is the mail extract I received.


I feel very happy that Microsoft finally recognized my effort. Needless to say this award has re-energized me and has motivated me immensely to do more.

My special thanks to Tarun for supporting and acknowledging my efforts beginning of the year 2013, which I think is the main reason I was able to do what I did. Thanks Tarun.

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Utkarsh Shigihalli
Utkarsh Shigihalli
Utkarsh is passionate about software development and has experience in the areas of Azure, Azure DevOps, C# and TypeScript. Over the years he has worked as an architect, independent consultant and manager in many countries including India, United States, Netherlands and United Kingdom. He is a Microsoft MVP and has developed numerous extensions for Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code and Azure DevOps.
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