Delighted to announce that my free training course on DevOps: Continuous Integration to Continuous Deployment with Visual Studio Team Services & Azure has just released on the Microsoft Open edX platform. The training has hours of video content, theory, labs and certification. It is primarily targeted at development teams but is useful for anyone wanting to learn about DevOps and it’s application in Modern Engineering environment with VSTS & Azure. The course has been jointly developed by Avanade & Microsoft… You can check out the course here - DevOpsCiCdCourse


Here is a two minute primer to the course…

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Key Topics…

Apart from covering the essential topics such as Why DevOps and What are it’s benefits? Some of the key topics covered in the training are…

Continuous Integration

  • Building blocks of CI
  • Difference between centralized & distributed source control systems
  • Git as a source control system
  • Git 101: Push, Pull, Commit, Fetch, Merge, History; integration with VS & VS Code;
  • Git from command line
  • Automation with Git: Git Hooks, Git Pull Requests
  • What is CI & its building blocks
  • Creating your first CI pipeline with VSTS

Continuous Delivery

  • Principles & practices of continuous delivery, key strategies
  • Technical debt – what, why & how to tame; setting up & using SonarQube & ndepend
  • Package Management – Dependency Management, SemVer, GitVersion,
  • NuGet pipelines, Chocolatey
  • Packaging: Artifacts, Web Deploy, Sql Package (dacpac)
  • Config Transformation & Configuration Management
  • Automation- Automated Unit Testing, Functional Automation, Availability and Perf Testing
  • Infrastructure Automation: Automated provisioning of web farms, sql paas
  • Provision Virtual machines using ARM templates
  • Release Management in a continuous delivery mode of delivery

Continuous Deployment

  • Principles & practices of continuous deployment, key strategies
  • Staged deployments, blue/green deployments, canary deployments
  • Feature Flags
  • Application Insights
  • DevSecOps & how to bring security into your automation workflow

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Tarun Arora
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